Build Templates in 85 Styles

Our online custom template-building service allows you to make your own instant, production-ready folding templates. You pick the style and the dimensions, we do the math and place the fold marks. Choose from 85 different folding styles, including Roll folds, Accordion folds, Gate folds, Tri-folds and many more.

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Buy Dielines for Specialty Folds

The biggest obstacle to creating a specialty fold is getting your hands on the perfect dieline. We offer professional production dielines of some of the most complex specialty folds, including the Twist fold, Snake fold, Iron Cross, Petal fold, Swinger fold and 30 other designs all wrapped up into one exciting collection. 

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"I use the foldfactory dieline collection for special projects and the online template-building service for my day-to-day design jobs. I can't begin to explain how much time these two tools have saved me. I love that I get to focus on the creative concept, knowing that the files are spot-on accurate and ready-to-use.”

—Jennifer Kozak, J Kozak Creative (Baltimore, MD)

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